Time to Go Big

NRDC's annual report for an overview about what we've accomplished in 2021. 

Credit: Sam Chivers for NRDC
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The science is clear: We must cut carbon pollution and other greenhouse gas emissions by at least half—in this decade—to avert the worst consequences of climate change. There’s no going back, but there is a way forward: We must act now and go big. With climate leaders at every level determined to meet this moment of peril, all while generating jobs and strengthening the economy, now is our time to invest in a world that is healthier, safer, and more just. Backed by supporters like you, NRDC continues to drive that change.

2021 Highlights

Advancing Clean Buildings and Transportation

From energy efficiency to electric vehicles, NRDC is transforming the places where we live and work and how we get around.

Championing Conservation as Climate Action

NRDC is committed to a new, more inclusive model for saving nature and, ultimately, ourselves.

Building a Healthier Food System

Climate, agriculture, food security, and our health are all intimately linked. NRDC is dedicated to strengthening this entire system, from farm to table.

Clearing the Path for Clean Energy

NRDC continues to take on the fossil fuel industry—and win.

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Protecting Public Health

NRDC strengthens its focus to safeguard disadvantaged communities from exposure to pollution and toxic chemicals.

Advancing Global Climate Solutions

NRDC is helping ensure we meet our once-in-a-generation climate opportunity head-on.