TEDx Santa Monica asks "What's your ideal city?"

This Saturday October 13th, TEDx—an independent affiliate of TED that is dedicated to spreading innovative ideas on a broad range of topics—will host a “City 2.0” event in Santa Monica, inviting speakers to share their ideas for cities of the future. This event will touch on a wide range of themes that will determine our success in planning for the future, including transportation.

I will be there to speak about Southern California’s recently adopted Sustainable Communities Strategy, which will spend $246 billion to change the face of transportation in L.A., and how technology will play an integral role in achieving the goals of this new plan. With the impending arrival of widespread, convenient public transit options in L.A., functions like real-time bus and rail arrival info, trip planning, and bike-sharing are going to allow each person to create their own personalized transportation system and take full advantage of the transit that millions of people living in cities like L.A. are asking for.

TEDxCity2.0 will be held this Saturday, Oct. 13th, at Cross Campus, 820 Broadway, Santa Monica, from 3pm to 7pm. For more information on the event and speaker line up, click here.

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