Urge the EPA to Require Disclosure of Dangerous Fracking Chemicals!


Finally, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering requiring oil and gas companies to disclose the ingredients in the chemical cocktails they use in their fracking operations.   In the face of increased oil and gas development across Montana -- and in a time where over 15 million Americans now live WITHIN A SINGLE MILE of a fracking site -- we need to push the EPA to take strong action to protect our water from the dangers of fracking. 

During the fracking process, these mystery chemicals are injected into the ground right next to our drinking water, stored in our backyards, and trucked through our neighborhoods.  Disclosure of these toxic substances will help citizens decide if they want fracking in their communities, assist local governments in adequately and appropriately responding to spills throughout the fracking process, and aid medical personnel in treating emergency situations arising from human exposure. 

While strict disclosure requirements will not make fracking a safe process, it will allow people to better understand the risks that oil and gas development brings to their communities and give them an opportunity to make informed decisions about how they can protect their families and their property. 

Please take a moment to tell the EPA to put people first and require that oil and gas companies tell us EXACTLY what they’re pumping into the ground.  

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