Germany on fracking: "the dangers of this technology are too great"

The German federal environment agency just released a report on fracking. I don't speak German, and there is nothing on the agency's English language website yet, but I am going to post some key quotes from articles I have read:

  • "Basically, we believe that the dangers of this technology are too great," Federal Environment Agency President Maria Krautzberger.
  • "Fracking is not a solution for protecting our climate, which will help us move across to renewable energy. It would be better if our country concentrated on proven, environmentally-friendly forms of energy," said Krautzberger.
  • "While a general ban on fracking would be legally difficult in Germany, fast and tough legal safeguards could result in a similar effect."
  • "The technique should be completely banned in water reserves, such as marshes or lakes, and protected areas."

I hope someday there is an English language version to read. This one seems to confirm important findings from two previous German reports that I blogged about in 2012.