Your chance to tell the EPA you support curbs on toxic oil and gas air pollution

Back in July I blogged about new rules proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that would require stronger controls on some of the most toxic air pollutants being spewed into communities by the oil and gas industry. These new rules are essential, because oil and gas operations can emit high levels of dangerous air pollutants. There are several sources of oil and gas air pollution that are currently not regulated at all at the federal level, including hydraulic fracturing.

We don't think the EPA's proposal goes far enough, because it doesn't cover all sources or all pollutants, but the new proposed rules are a significant improvement over the status quo.

The EPA is accepting public comment on these new proposed rules until November 30. NRDC makes it easy for you to send your own letter to the EPA by providing a link at our on-line Action Center. Now is your chance to tell the EPA to update the oil and gas emissions rules without delay, and to share your own personal experiences with and concern about oil and gas air pollution.