More Melting Ice—Big Trouble for Polar Bears

Today the New York Times reports that, once again, scientists are recording record-low levels of summer sea ice in the Arctic. According to the University of Illinois' Dr. William Chapman: "The melting rate during June and July this year was simply incredible," Mr. Chapman said. "And then you've got this exposed black ocean soaking up sunlight and you wonder what, if anything, could cause it to reverse course."

All of this spells big trouble for the world's polar bear populations, which are almost completely dependant on sea ice for their survival.

The threat is so real that NRDC, the Center for Biological Diversity, and other groups have successfully petitioned the Bush Administration to propose listing the polar bear under the federal Endangered Species Act. When you get the Bush Administration to take action based on global warming — and under the Endangered Species Act, no less! — you know you've got some solid evidence on your side

But all is not lost. Most scientists believe that there is still time to reverse course and stave off the worst that warming could bring. If we act now.

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