Continuing Opposition to H.R. 1837

Last week, after minimal notice, the House Natural Resources Committee passed H.R. 1837 (Nunes).  Over the coming days, my colleagues and I will be blogging (again) about this radical legislation, which would eviscerate the state and federal environmental laws that protect California’s rivers, the Bay-Delta estuary, and thousands of salmon fishing jobs, including overturning the court approved settlement to restore the San Joaquin River.   

This legislation was originally introduced in 2011, but ran into a buzz saw of opposition (click here for letters, editorials, and other opposition materials from 2011).  The authors released an amended version of the bill two days before the hearing, but much of the opposition from last year continues, including opposition from the State of California, our 2 Senators, and 10 Representatives.  Below are links to the letters, editorials, and other materials opposing the amended version of H.R. 1837 (I will update this blog as opposition continues to build). 

Opposition from the White House

Congressional Opposition

State of California Opposition 

Opposition from Other States

Local Government and Water District Opposition

Environmental, Fishing, Farming, and Business Opposition

 Editorials & Op-Eds

Fact Sheets