Countries Keep Joining the Paris Climate Agreement

Countries from all corners of the world continue to formally join the Paris Agreement in another sign that international climate action will continue in the Trump-era. Since Trump was elected president, 34 countries have formally joined the Paris Agreement, with 16 countries taking that step since the beginning of 2017. This brings the total number of parties to the Paris Agreement to 137, accounting for over 82 percent of the world’s emissions. 


Nearly all of the world’s largest emitters have formally joined the Paris Agreement. Of the top 25 largest global emitters of greenhouse gas emissions, only Russia, Iran, and Turkey have yet to join the climate agreement (see table of the status of the top 25 global emitters to the right). Russia is in no rush to join this agreement, and announced that ratification could be three years away. Unfortunately, the Trump Administration is not likely to put pressure on President Putin and the Kremlin to take climate action. 

Just last week, the Philippines formally joined the Paris Agreement, after the country’s leader first rejected the Paris Agreement. After President Duterte took office, he called the deal “stupid.” But in recognition of the many dangers climate change poses to the Philippines, and many other vulnerable nations, President Duterte recognized the need to be a part of this critical international agreement. Maybe there is a lesson for other leaders that at first signaled they didn’t think their country should be a part of the agreement (coughing sound…President Trump).

The Trump Administration may not be taking big steps towards global climate action, but the rest of the world continues to march forward anyway.

This post was written with Sarah Lyn Chirichigno.


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