Key Religious Groups Oppose House Proposed Cuts to International Climate Funding

Yesterday global humanitarian agency Church World Service released a statement that the:

"Cuts to bilateral and multilateral programs for clean technology, disaster risk reduction and adaptation funding for communities suffering the consequences of climate change will cost us much more in the future when the U.S. may be required to respond to once-preventable disasters that threaten the stability of already-vulnerable countries."

Church World Service is a faith-based humanitarian agency whose advocacy on behalf of the world's poorest communities also represents the concerns of the agency's 37 U.S. member Protestant, Anglican and Orthodox communions.  The denominations they represent include the: American Baptist Churches USA; Episcopal Church; National Baptist Convention of America; National Baptist Convention, U.S.A; Presbyterian Church (USA);  and the United Methodist Church.

Church World Service also stressed that the:

“…proposed draconian Congressional cuts to foreign assistance would harm American long-term interests by reducing support for programs that promote a more secure and stable world."

Religious organizations on the front lines in the developing world have raised the alarm bell over the impact of these cuts.  Major corporations and retired military officials, farmers and ranchers, environmental, and development groups have joined in support of the need for this funding. 

Will Congress hear their concern and overturn the efforts to gut key investments in international climate change funding?  Funding that benefits Americans in many, many ways.