New Article: In Montana, Unlikely Allies Find Common Ground

I recently co-authored an article about how NRDC is partnering with unlikely allies in the Northern Rockies to reduce conflicts between agricultural producers and native carnivores, like grizzly bears, wolves and mountain lions.

This article was published in The Wildlife Professional, Volume 13.3.

In this article: Our organizations openly acknowledge that we have substantial differences. Despite our contentious history and these continued differences, we are focusing on the goals we have in common. We all want to reduce unnecessary losses—to people and the environment. We agree that we need to expand the collective toolkit and find new ways to reduce conflicts. By holding space for each other in this collaboration, we hope to find space for large carnivores and livestock in today’s Western landscapes.

Posing with the bees while installing electric fencing to prevent future damage from grizzly and black bears.

Credit: NRDC
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