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The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is undergoing its second replenishment round in 2023. Keep track of all the pledges here.

Status of pledges to the Green Climate Fund as of 8 May 2023

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Joe Thwaites/NRDC

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is the world’s largest multilateral fund dedicated to helping developing countries address the climate crisis. 

Created in 2010, the Fund had its initial resource mobilization (IRM) in 2014 receiving $10.3 billion in pledges from 45 countries. The GCF underwent its first replenishment (GCF-1) in 2019, garnering a further $10 billion in pledges from 32 countries.

The GCF has a number of innovative design features, and is key to the grand bargain behind the Paris Agreement: that all countries need to do much more to tackle the climate crisis, but that the poorest countries, who did the least to cause the problem and are hit first and worst by its impacts, require support from the richest and highest polluting countries.

The GCF's Second Replenishment

In 2023 the GCF will be having its second replenishment (GCF-2). The formal pledging conference will take place in October but as in 2014 and 2019 many countries are likely to announce their pledges in advance.

The following pledges to the second replenishment have been announced so far:

The Pledge Tracker

To help assess the state of play on the GCF’s second replenishment, NRDC is tracking the pledges and will provide updates as new announcements come in throughout the year.

  • Figure 1 shows each country's pledges over the GCF's three fundraising rounds.
  • Figure 2 shows the total pledges from all countries to each fundraising round. 
  • Figure 3 shows how much the highest contributing countries have pledged to GCF-2 compared to their previous highest pledge, either from the IRM or GCF-1. 
  • The table shows the amount each country has pledged to each fundraising round in original currency and converted into U.S. dollars, the percentage change in pledge between the IRM and GCF-1 and between GCF-1 and GCF-2 (based on pledge currency), and the cumulative amount pledged in U.S. dollars.

Latest update: May 8, 2023.

Total pledges to the Green Climate Fund by replenishment round, as of 8 May 2023

Figure 2


Joe Thwaites/NRDC

Table comparing the top 18 countries highest previous pledge to the Green Climate Fund compared to their pledge to the second replenishment

Figure 3


Joe Thwaites/NRDC

Green Climate Fund Pledges (millions)
Country (in order of total pledged)Initial Resource Mobilization (IRM) 2014First Replenishment (GCF-1) 2019Second Replenishment (GCF-2) 2023Change IRM to GCF-1Change GCF-1 to GCF-2Total Pledged (U.S. dollars)
Pledge currencyU.S. dollarsPledge currencyU.S. dollarsPledge currencyU.S. dollars
Germany€ 750.0$1,003.3€1,500.0$1,689.8€2,000.0$2,205.7100%33%$4,898.8
United Kingdom£720.0$1,211.0£1,440.0$1,851.9  100% $3,062.9
Japan¥154,028.7$1,500.0¥164,870.1$1,521.2  7% $3,021.2
United States$3,000.0$3,000.0    -100% $3,000.0
France€750.0$1,036.8€1,500.0$1,794.7  100% $2,831.5
Sweden4,000.0 kr$581.28,000.0 kr$852.5  100% $1,433.7
Norway1,689.1 kr$272.23,600.0 kr$434.2  113% $706.4
Italy€250.0$334.4€300.0$337.9  20% $672.3
Canada$300.0$277.0$300.0$230.1  0% $507.1
Spain€120.0$160.5$150.0$176.5  25% $337.0
Republic of Korea$100.0$100.0$200.0$200.5  100% $300.5
Netherlands€100.0$133.8$120.0$140.1  20% $273.9
Switzerland$100.0$100.0$150.0$155.5  50% $255.5
Finland€80.0$107.0€100.0$114.9  25% $221.9
Belgium€76.9$102.3€102.2$119.5  33% $221.8
Denmark400.0 kr.$71.8$800.0$126.0  100% $197.8
Australia$200.4$187.3    -100% $187.3
Luxembourg€35.0$46.8€40.0$46.3  14% $93.1
Ireland€8.0$10.7€16.0$18.7  100% $29.4
Russian Federation$3.0$3.0$10.0$10.5  233% $13.5
New Zealand$3.0$2.6$15.0$10.6  400% $13.2
Mexico$10.0$10.0    -100% $10.0
Czechia110.0 Kč$5.3  €4$4.4-100%100%$9.7
Monaco€1.8$2.3€3.8$4.4  111% $6.7
Colombia$6.0$6.0    -100% $6.0
Peru$6.0$6.0    -100% $6.0
Hungary1,000.0 Ft$4.3200.0 Ft$0.7  -80% $5.0
Slovakia$2.0$2.0€2.0$2.3  15% $4.3
Portugal€2.0$2.7€1.0$1.2  -50% $3.9
Iceland$1.0$1.0$2.8$2.9  180% $3.9
Poland0.4 zł$0.1$3.0$3.2  3100% $3.3
Estonia€1.0$1.3    -100% $1.3
Slovenia  €1.0$1.2    $1.2
Malta€0.4$0.6€0.8$1.0  100% $1.6
Panama$1.0$1.0    -100% $1.0
Vietnam$1.0$1.0    -100% $1.0
Indonesia$0.3$0.3$0.5$0.5  67% $0.8
Cyprus€0.4$0.5    -100% $0.5
Latvia€0.4$0.5    -100% $0.5
Liechtenstein0.1 CHF$0.10.2 CHF$0.2  100% $0.3
Chile$0.3$0.3    -100% $0.3
Bulgaria€0.1$0.1$0.1$0.1  0% $0.2
Romania$0.1$0.1€0.0$0.1  -50% $0.2
Lithuania€0.1$0.1    -100% $0.1
Mongolia$0.1$0.1    -100% $0.1
TOTAL $10,322.0 $10,001.5 $2,386.6  $22,710.1

Sources: GCF (2023) Status of Pledges (IRM and GCF-1); second replenishment pledges added as announced.

Note: GCF-2 pledges and exchange rates as of 8th May 2023. At the first consultation meeting for the second replenishment, participants agreed on using the six-month period of 1 January 2023 through 30 June 2023 to calculate reference exchange rates for GCF-2. Converted pledges in U.S. dollars to GCF-2 will be updated to use these reference exchange rates when available.

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