Watts Community Celebrates its New, Greener Future

In August, the community of Watts in South Los Angeles commemorated the 50th anniversary of the historic 1965 Watts Uprising.

NRDC and local partner organizations chose the commemoration week to celebrate the community's greener future and the official launch of the Watts Re:Imagined project, a grassroots neighborhood revitalization effort begun by Watts area organizations and community members, led by Grant Housing & Economic Development Corp., joined by NRDC and several other nonprofit organizations, city agencies and neighborhood businesses. The project builds on thoughtful redevelopment plans already created, including many designed by Watts residents, and lays out a vision for practical, forward-looking solutions on local issues from jobs and social equity to public health and natural resource conservation.

The project aims to introduce a number of physical improvements to the community, including the addition of more green space to improve flood control, stormwater management, and air quality, as well as plans to improve public transportation as well as create more economic opportunity for local residents--all while working to mitigate potential community displacement.

The block party was a great success and brought people together from all over the community to share food, drink, music, activities and education on a hot summer day.

For a snippet of the day's events, check out this great video produced by local resident and volunteer Ashley Hansack:




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