Challenging an Industry Lobbyist to Back Up Doomsday Predictions

I am publicly challenging energy industry lobbyist and lawyer, Scott Segal, to back up an outlandish and false claim he made in yesterday’s L.A. Times about the consequences of stronger smog protections for Americans.

Mr. Segal, with the law firm Bracewell & Giuliani, claimed that as a result of more protective smog standards, “[m]any states and metropolitan areas will face effective bans on economic growth and job creation at the very time they need it the most.”

That claim is nonsense. So I am inviting Mr. Segal to provide his version of sense to it.

Mr. Segal has a knack for spitting out gristly soundbites. But I am challenging him to sink his teeth into a longer explanation of the facts and law that back up his alarmist prediction.

I am willing to  publish his explanation (of reasonable length, Scott) here on the NRDC website -- for all the world to see how he substantiates this bold assertion.

Industry lobbyists have been making absurd claims like this with greater frequency as the polluter lobbying over smog standards becomes ever more hysterical and deceitful.

So it’s about time that at least one of these lobbyists was called out to back up such claims.

Mr. Segal is dead wrong. So I know he cannot back it up.

The question is whether he too realizes he is so wrong that he won’t even try.