Governor Kasich: Are You Listening?

New York State officially weighed in on the Ohio legislature's attempt to undermine the Great Lakes Compact yesterday.  Joseph Martens (Commissioner, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation) writes to his Ohio counterpart, David Mustine, Director, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, that Ohio's proposed legislation "could fundamentally unravel our Great Lakes Compact" and irrevocably harm the Great Lakes.  Rep. Brian Higgins, whose district borders Lake Erie, also warns Governor Kasich of the economic and environmental threats posed by this legislation.

Commissioner Martens' use of the word "our" is spot on -- the Great Lakes are a resource that all of us share and rely on for our drinking water and, in many cases, livelihoods. No state has the right to treat any part of the Great Lakes like a commodity to sell to the highest bidder. 

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer says it best, "Do not sign into law -- even with caveats -- a bill that declares open season on Lake Erie water. Do not even flirt with this disaster in the making."

Those same sentiments have been voiced by the Detroit News , the Great Lakes Echo and Buffalo News.

Governor Kasich: are you listening?




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