"I Love My New York Water": Well-Known New Yorkers Ask Governor Cuomo to Extend the Fracking Moratorium

NRDC launched a two-week ad buy on Albany television stations today that features New York-based actors thanking Governor Cuomo for protecting the state’s world-class drinking water to-date from fracking, and urging him to formally extend the moratorium on new fracking until the health risks are considered.

In the ad, actors Ethan Hawke, Zoë Saldana, Mark Ruffalo, Josh Charles and Nadia Dajani show viewers how much they “love their New York water” by inviting them along as they go fly-fishing, make tea, give their dogs water and even bathe with it.  They do it all to say “thanks” to the Governor for holding true to his promise to-date that he would not rush ahead with risky fracking in New York and to ask him “to reaffirm his commitment to protecting the health and precious water for all 15 million New Yorkers.”

You can watch it here.

The ad is a follow-up to a video a coalition of groups released two years ago, which called on New York lawmakers to protect New York’s drinking water.

Here’s the bottom line.  Nobody wants to worry about whether or not the water coming out of their tap is safe to drink, or safe to bathe their kids in.  As New Yorkers, we are grateful to Governor Cuomo for so far taking his time to evaluate the risks that come with opening up our state to fracking.  We urge him to continue to put our health, safe drinking water and communities first – by continuing the moratorium on fracking until the health risks are fully known.

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