Thanks to Andy Revkin, NY Times’ departing climate change reporter

The international climate conference now moving into its final days in Copenhagen is receiving more attention than in previous years. As NRDC's President Frances Beinecke reports, Secretary Clinton's announcement Thursday that the US will participate in funding to help developing communities cope with climate change energized the talks like a "diplomatic defibrillator."

It's taken a while for global warming to capture the kind of public and press notice it's getting right now, but because of the gravity of the topic and the diligent efforts of scientists, policymakers, concerned citizens, and reporters who’ve been working tirelessly for years, the sense of urgency has never been higher – even if there's still a long way to go.

One of the very best of those reporters, Andrew C. Revkin of the New York Times, announced he’ll be leaving his post at the end of the conference, which he’s covering. For more than a decade he’s been perhaps the leading American journalistic voice on climate science, climate-health impacts, climate policy, and new research regarding how societies can adapt and prepare to meet the climate challenge.

I'm grateful to Andy for his science acumen, his wit, and his dedication to reporting on this issue. He’s also been an inspiration to many students at universities and schools, both in-person as a lecturer, and through his writing and his DotEarth blog.

Andy Revkin’s print byline in the Times will be missed.