Selling Your Car? Add a Fuel Economy Label.


Starting today, sellers can print and affix fuel economy labels to the window of used cars. For years, consumer interest in fuel economy has been growing and the label can help used car buyers cut through the clutter of offers and zero-in on the most efficient vehicle that meets their needs.

In addition to print, the labels are available for download to insert into on-line advertisements. Just go to to get a label for the car for sale like the example below.

It makes sense for U.S. EPA to offer fuel economy labels for used automobiles, following the standard practice for new vehicles. New cars prominently display their MPG and emissions numbers and sales indicate that buyers are clearly focused on saving money at the pump. The sales-weighted average fuel economy of new vehicles has been on an upward trend, hitting a record high in August and beating even the government’s expectations.

With persistently high gas prices and new fuel-efficiency innovations showing up in cars over the last few years, many used car buyers will likely hunt for cars that cost less to fill up. The new labels can help make the search easier.