PA Senate to Consider Program to Cut Power Plant Pollution

Pennsylvania State Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa today circulated a co-sponsorship memo indicating that he will soon introduce legislation to reduce carbon pollution from the state’s electric power sector.

Specifically, the Energy Innovation and Investment Act would direct the creation of a “cap and invest” or other program to cut power plant emissions 90 percent by 2040. The revenue derived from such a program would be used to fund clean energy and energy efficiency projects, as well as support low-income communities and communities disproportionately impacted by pollution. 

Curbing carbon pollution is vital to putting Pennsylvania on the path to a cleaner, more prosperous future. If passed, this legislation would slash harmful emissions and raise funds to help displaced workers and lower energy bills for low-income Pennsylvanians. Paired with strong goals for renewable energy and energy efficiency, a cap-and-invest program would create tens of thousands of jobs and position the state for a clean energy future.

For more background on climate action in Pennsylvania, read PA Has a Climate Action Plan—Now PA Needs Climate Action.


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