Help make NY a solar leader

If you aren't out supporting wind power today, or even if you are, you should read the following message from Vote Solar and take action to help make NY a solar leader.

Friends, After nearly three years of hard work and thousands of messages from New Yorkers, lawmakers in Albany are *this* close to making the Empire State a solar leader. Strong solar policy is one of the top issues in play during these final days of the 2012 legislative session, and we need to make sure our elected officials deliver before they go home next week.

Take 5 minutes now to transform New York's energy landscape for decades to come! Here’s what we can do: 

  • Call the State Assembly: Phone calls have a tremendous impact, and the best way to have the biggest impact right now is to call Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver at: 518-455-3791.  Let him know that solar matters to us by saying: 

My name is (XXX). I vote in New York and solar power is important to me. Your hard work has brought us to the brink of establishing New York state as a national solar leader — and now I’m asking you to work with your colleagues and the Governor to pass strong, long-term solar policy before the session ends. Thank you!

New York is ready to be a solar powerhouse. Polls show that a whopping 81% of New Yorkers want more solar. The Newsday, Syracuse Post-Standard, Journal News and Albany Times Union editorial boards have all said yes to strong solar policy. Even the Hulk has weighed in. That's huge!

Let's work together to urge legislators to pass long-term New York solar policy today. And ask five of your fellow New Yorkers to do the same. Tweet it. Share it. Email it. Spread the word any way you can! With just one week left to get it done, every voice matters.

Onwards –

Peter + the Vote Solar team

Click on the link above! Make the call! Do it now!