NRDC runs biofuels ads: if we're going to use them, let's do it right

osprey (photo by Patrick Archibald, creative commons license)

Starting today, we're running a series of print and internet ads trying to sharpen the distinction between biofuels done right and biofuels done wrong.

The animated web versions of the ads are running on the front page of today. Check'em out! They'll also be in the Congressional Daily am print version today, the Congressional Quarterly Today print version on 4/29, and Politico print version on 4/29.

The ads direct people to our biofuels page on NRDC's web site. This page in turn encourages folks to take action to help get biofuels right and to check out our more detailed discussion of the potential and challenges for bioenergy on our new renewables section of the website, which I wrote about yesterday.

Why now? Because the debate about what kind of energy and environmental future we will have is happening now. Between the rules to implement the RFS2, implementation of the stimulus package, and the broader debate about climate policy, right now our country is deciding whether advanced biofuels will help us build green jobs, a stronger economy and a safer economy or divert investment to fuels that do more harm than good.