USA Today poll shows overwhelming support for energy saving light bulbs

This morning, USA Today released the findings of its national poll that shows consumer satisfaction with energy saving light bulbs and their support for the bi-partisan 2007 U.S. law that will bring consumers better and more energy efficient lighting choices.

I have previously written about the massive benefits of the federal energy efficiency standards for light bulbs which include saving Americans more than $10 billion a year in the form of lower electric bills. The results of the USA Today poll demonstrate that consumers know and support the benefits these lighting standards provide: 

  • More than 70% of Americans purchased a LED or compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb in the past few years.  (Note, consumers can now also buy energy savings incandescent light bulbs at leading retailers such as Home Depot and Lowes that use 28% less power and meet the federal standards.)
  •  84% of those who made the switch were satisfied or very satisfied with the new bulb.
  • 63% of all independent voters thought the law enacting the light bulb efficiency standards was a good one.

These results confirm that most consumers have already begun to make the switch to new and improved light bulbs and they like them. 

Hopefully the handful of representatives in Congress who are working so hard to repeal the bi-partisan law and prevent these standards from going into effect will see these compelling findings and decide to call it a day. 

Thank you USA Today for bringing more clarity to this issue.