Colorado Moves Forward to Increase Availabity of EVs

Colorado Governor Polis’ administration announced today that after good faith efforts engaging the auto industry, they had not reached an agreement on the industry's proposed voluntary alternative to a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) program. The administration remains committed to the ZEV program and to continue building the market in Colorado for advanced, electric vehicles. NRDC fully supports the adoption of ZEV to support increased consumer choice and model availability in Colorado, reduce energy bills, and cut air pollution. We look forward to the ongoing dialogue and good-faith engagement by all parties in the rulemaking process and look forward to the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission adopting the ZEV program at the August hearing.

Adoption of a ZEV program will help ensure consumers will see an array of new, long range electric vehicles at their dealership moving forward. It also will complement the new state laws, signed by Gov. Polis on Friday, that extends the state’s best-in-the nation EV incentives and green-lights utility investments in infrastructure deployment, among other programs. We look forward to the August hearing and adoption of the rule, and we appreciate the leadership from Gov. Polis and from the legislature on increasing access to clean, electric transportation. 

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