GE: The US Chamber Does Not Speak for Us on Climate

Another company has joined the procession of firms distancing themselves from the US Chamber of Commerce's position on climate change, making it clear that the Chamber does not represent its views. General Electric told Politico that:

"We're a member of the Chamber because a lot of our customers are there, a lot of our competitors, so we get a good perspective on issues of national import," says GE spokesman Peter O'Toole. "The Chamber does not speak for us on climate legislation, but we are still a member."

Also, Bloomberg News reported that GE said "neither [the chamber nor National Association of Manufacturers] represent GE's view that advanced energy and climate legislation is needed."

To help keep track of which companies have done what, I'm going try keeping a running tab:

Quit US Chamber: Exelon, PNM Resources, PG&E.

Quit US Chamber Board: Nike.

Says Chamber doesn't represent their views on climate: Johnson&Johnson, GE.