House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference

I’m at the annual Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference at the Washington Hilton Hotel. Organized by the Blue Green Alliance, the annual conference is a growing draw for thousands of workers, businesses and enviros interested in learning more about clean economy jobs and how we can revitalize America by investing in a clean energy and economic future.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is addressing the conference. Here are some comments I jotted down:

We need to create jobs around 3 pillars: investment around health care; investments in innovation in education and investments in clean energy and addressing the climate issue. We’ve taken care of the first two. Now we need to get the third done.

I think we can pretty soon put clean energy and climate legislation on the President’s desk. That will be important for our national security, our economy and our nation’s future. This is good for business. Green is gold.