PG&E, Nike Fed Up With US Chamber

Hot News: PG&E is quitting the US Chamber of Commerce over the business federation's "extreme position on climate change." Coming just days after questions about potential conflicts of interest posed by Chamber President and CEO Tom Donohue's service to Union Pacific, the move by PG&E reflects the growing frustration in the business community over the US Chamber's recalcitrant position on climate policy.

And Nike isn't sitting still, either. We already knew that Nike takes climate change seriously. Nike is one of the founders of BICEP, a business coalition whose goal is to "pass meaningful energy and climate change legislation."

Yesterday, Nike circulated this statement regarding their serious disagreement with the US Chamber for its recalcitrant position on climate policy:

"Nike fundamentally disagrees with the US Chamber of Commerce's position on climate change and is concerned and deeply disappointed with the US Chamber's recently filed petition challenging the EPA's administrative authority and action on this critically important issue.    

Nike believes that climate change is an urgent issue affecting the world today and that businesses and their representative associations need to take an active role to invest in sustainable business practices and innovative solutions to address the issue. It is not a time for debate but instead a time for action and we believe the Chamber's recent petition sets back important work currently being undertaken by EPA on this issue.   

Nike helped to found BICEP, a coalition of businesses supporting congressional action to address strong U.S. climate and energy legislation. Nike has worked to address its own environmental footprint through the development of more sustainable products, energy efficiency programs and emission reductions."

 Stay tuned for more developments...