Think-tank behind "Danish" Wind Study Tied to Polluter Funding

We got word this afternoon that the Institute for Energy Research (IER), a polluter front-group, has released a study from CEPOS, a Danish think-tank, that claims to show that wind power's contribution to the power supply in Denmark is overstated.

We need to look at the substance of the charge, but in the meantime it is well worth knowing that both IER and CEPOS are tied to polluter funding. IER is run by former Koch Industries and Petroluem Refiners lobbyist Thomas Pyle. And IER has recieved $150,000 from the Charles and David Koch-controlled Claude R. Lambe Foundation since 2006.

CEPOS, the originator of the study, was also awarded a $100,000 grant from the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, which in turn received funding from the Charles G. Koch Foundation.

This is reminiscent of the "Spanish" study, a bogus analysis trashing green jobs that has been debunked by the US, Spanish governments and others. The Wall Street Journal noted that the author is a fellow at a think-tank that has received funding from ExxonMobil, and just as with the Danish study, it was the Koch-funded IER that pushed the Spanish study out as well when it hit US shores.

It kinda makes me think that the polluters are so desperate to debunk the value of clean energy they are having to import their studies from overseas.