Toyota Distances Itself From US Chamber Climate Stance

Enviroknow reports today that Toyota issued a statement in response to the controversy over the US Chamber's position on climate policy, saying that:

"Toyota is a member of a wide array of groups and organizations. Our association with these groups does not signify that we agree with all of their policies. It means we are there to have a dialogue and engage in making good policy...Toyota supports economy-wide reductions of greenhouse gases."

Does this mean that Toyota believes its views on climate policy are not represented by the US Chamber? It sounds like it. But they could sure make it clearer, the way GE did with the simple statement: "The Chamber does not speak for us on climate legislation, but we are still a member."

Running tab of the Chamber's climate credibility crisis:

Quit US Chamber over climate:  Apple, Exelon, PNM Resources, PG&E, PSEG, Levi Strauss & Co.*

Quit US Chamber Board over climate: Nike.

Say Chamber doesn't represent their views on climate: Johnson&Johnson, General Electric, San Jose Chamber of Commerce, Alcoa, Duke, Entergy, Microsoft, Toyota(?).

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* UPDATE 11/12/09: Levi-Strauss informed us that the company did not leave the US Chamber over climate concerns, as Greenwire had reported.