Show-Me the Potential for Clean Energy and Jobs in Missouri

MO Wind Map

Today NRDC released, A Clean Energy Economy for Missouri: Analysis of the Rural Economic Development Potential of Renewable Resources, authored by Martin R. Cohen.  This forward-looking report highlights the numerous economic and environmental benefits available to all Missourians by tapping into the state's clean energy development opportunities. Making the investment in renewable energy today will grow in-state income, jobs, and profits for farmers and businesses in the Show-Me State.  However, this investment in Missouri's clean energy future will not happen on its own.  The report clearly shows how federal policies such as the recently House-approved American Clean Energy and Security Act and adherence by state regulatory entities and utilities to the recently adopted renewable energy goals set forth in the  Missouri Renewable Portfolio Standard are vital pathways toward realizing a more prosperous and clean energy future.

In addition to this report, I highly recommend checking out our Renewables for America website here, which includes a condensed narrative of this Missouri report with an interactive flash-map for your own discovery.  

Lying at the crossroads of the two greatest river systems of our great Midwestern "bread basket", Missouri has all the necessary ingredients--land, infrastructure, and hard-working and earnest labor to lead in our nation's clean energy future--all that's needed now is leadership at home and in Washington to make the right policy decisions to make it happen.