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Screenshot of Renewables for America website

We are excited to share with you our latest update to the NRDC Renewable Energy for America website—providing you with all the latest and accurate information on where renewable projects and resources are, what technologies they encompass, and what we can do to get more of them.


The "Where" - Map Updates

  • Newly installed projects
  • Planned and under construction projects
  • New geothermal energy potential map
  • Higher resolution wind energy potential map

The "What" - Technologies and Markets

  • More state profiles
  • New stories and updated facts and figures
  • Updated technology profiles

How We Can Get More Renewables

  • Recommended state and technology-specific policy considerations
  • Updated advocacy and consumer toolkit
  • Updated and expanded list of references including emerging renewable technologies

My Initial Observations

A couple observations I made from the updated map include: (1) there is at least one renewable project in every state, and (2) every state shows high potential (the highest end of the scale) for at least one of the five renewable energy resources with a majority of states exhibiting high potential for three or more renewable energy resource options.

This website is intended to be a shareable resource that we hope you will find both informative and engaging. Whether you're a local clean energy advocate, researcher, curious consumer, energy industry participant, or political decision-maker, I encourage you to give it look, ask us questions about what you see, and tell your friends and colleagues.  Enough reading it already -- click here to start exploring!