Eyes for Frosty: Coal Industry's Creepy Coloring Book

Just when you think the coal industry has learned its lesson, the fossil fools stoop to a new low.

First came those lame lumps of coal singing Christmas carols.  

Next came Peabody's homage to Joe Camel

Then coal lobbyists got caught forging letters to Congress to try to kill clean energy legislation.

That was followed by a hair-brained boycott against Dollywood by mining companies ticked off that Tennessee won't let them blow up the state's mountains.  

Oh, and let's not forget the industry's phony FACES fiasco.

Well, color me incredulous over yet another ill-conceived stunt -- attempting to convince kids that coal is cool through the power of a coloring book.  (Seriously, you really must check it out.)

Hey kids, repeat after me: There is no such thing as clean coal.  No matter what, coal is dirty and dangerous.

Quick, pass the coal creeps a crayon so they can write another fat check to some I.Q.-challenged professional propagandist for more silly tricks.