In Memory of Professor Alex Farrell

We at NRDC will sorely miss Professor Alex Farrell, who died at his home in San Francisco last Sunday. Alex worked with a number of NRDC staff, helping to guide and inspire our thinking on innovative environmental policies.  

Although only 46, Alex made an enormous contribution to the field of environmental policy in a relatively short period of time. He was a key thinker on a number of critical issues, including biofuels and regulatory impacts of innovation. NRDC in particular will miss his invaluable contributions in the area of design of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, and as a member along with NRDC trustee Bob Epstein of the Environmental Technology Advancement Committee for the California Air Resources Board.

Alex will be well remembered by all of those staff at NRDC that had the good fortune to work with him over the years. It is hard to imagine how the community will be able to replace his keen intellect and insightful contributions to our understanding of some of our most challenging environmental problems. We are, however, able to gain some comfort in the knowledge that his intellectual-- and humanitarian--contributions will continue to live on in the form of the inspiration that he has provided to his students and many others who had the opportunity to work with him.