Implementing ECBC and Cool Roofs in Telangana

Installing cool roofs in Hyderabad

With the launch of an updated Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) 2017, India has reaffirmed its commitment towards a more resilient and energy efficient built environment. Building energy codes provide specifications for designing and constructing buildings so that they consume less energy without sacrificing comfort for the occupants. Telangana was one of the first states to adopt the ECBC and is a leader in setting up an implementation framework that is easy to scale up and works with any subsequent revision of the underlying energy code provisions.

Earlier this month in Hyderabad, the Telangana Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department (MA&UD) convened the Technical Committee meeting for implementation of ECBC and Cools Roofs initiative. Chaired by GHMC commissioner, Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy, the meeting brought together key state government officials as well as representatives from ASCI, NRDC, and other technical experts.

Last month, at the regional workshop on ECBC implementation in Hyderabad, the state energy department and TSREDCO highlighted the steps taken by the government of Telangana. In consultation with the real estate developers, architects and building experts community, simplified TSECBC guidelines, the technical FAQs, ECBC technical cells and the integration of ECBC into GHMC’s online buildings approval system were developed as essential tools to create ECBC framework in Telangana.

To build on the actions taken so far, the technical committee identified key next steps to advance the implementation of ECBC in Hyderabad and scale it up to the state level.

  •    The GHMC is now working on strengthening the compliance mechanism by empaneling the pool of Third Party Assessors (TPAs). TPAs are the pool of technical experts who are trained and certified by ASCI to carry out independent assessments of new commercial buildings for ECBC norms.
  •    To create market value, the state designated agency Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation will develop a label for “TS ECBC Compliant Building.”
  •    The state government will recognize and award most efficient ECBC compliant building annually on the national Energy Conservation Day in December.  
  •    In addition to immediate actions, the committee also recognized and noted the importance of scaling up ECBC to the state level. The energy department and the MA&UD will issue notifications to all ULBs across the state to comply with ECBC for all new government buildings.
  •  To have a sustainable and effective ECBC compliance, the state government is also planning towards developing mechanisms to establish energy performance monitoring and verification system.


The technical committee also recognized Cool roofs as a key area to further develop and supplement energy conservation efforts. Cool roofs are a requirement for commercial buildings under ECBC, and are an equally effective low-cost solution for residences.


Recent pilot on cool roofs project carried out in the Devarakonda Basti, Banjara Hills, by ASCI, IIIT Hyderabad and NRDC, has shown promising results with the indoor temperatures up to 3℃ lower in the households that installed cool roofs. GHMC is also working towards taking necessary steps on actively promoting cool roofs actions before the start of next heat season. It was decided, as a part of the state of Telangana’s Energy Conservation Action Plan, the state government will integrate cool roofs as one of its strategic goals and include it in the list of supported CSR activities.

Implementing ECBC and installing cool roofs are effective ways of ensuring Telangana continues to lead the country in saving energy, while protecting its citizens from the impact of extreme heat.

Co-authored with Karan Chouksey


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