Time to Invest in Our Environment

The federal government spends a lot of money. What percentage is spent on the environment and natural resources? 15%, 17%, 21%? A little less.

This current federal budget that goes through September 2016, spends only 1.1% of its funds on protecting or trying to improve our environment, our parks, our wildlife, oceans, rivers, and drinking water. That is not enough. A new report by 15 environmental and public lands groups describes the critical activities that the federal government does or should be doing to leave our country in the best possible shape for our children. These programs cover a wide berth. These programs include environmental health such as properly regulating pesticides; protecting endangered species that could safeguard our food chain or lead to new medical discoveries. Funding basic research that could move the world away from its dependence on fossil fuels as well as reducing the appalling deterioration of many of our national parks and lands. The report has examples, many examples of how cuts have hurt communities and the environment and why we need to reverse course.

1.1%. It's just not enough.

Congress will be working on a budget this year. This report shows what needs to be addressed. The ball is in their court.