New Poll: Strong Concerns about Fracking in California


Fracking is already underway in California, with no regulations in place. Yet, recent polls consistently show widespread concern amongst Californians about the impacts on public health and the environment.

In July, a poll from the Public Policy Institute of California found that Californians are more likely to favor (50%) than oppose (36%) stricter state regulation on fracking.  In June, a University of Southern California poll found that 58 percent of voters want to prohibit fracking in all areas near sources of groundwater and that 84 percent of voters support a requirement to inform property owners of fracking near their land.    

And a new poll that NRDC is releasing today shows these sentiments are only continuing to grow in the state:

This new survey of five key California State Assembly districts that are impacted by oil drilling and key to passing protective fracking legislation found – in all five districts – that:

  • More than 75 percent of respondents have concerns about fracking.
  • More than 75 percent of respondents have concerns about the lack of regulation in California.
  • More than 65 percent of respondents want their assembly member to vote to protect communities from threats of fracking to the state’s air and water.

Respondents also expressed support for moratorium on fracking, with more than half in three of the districts expressing support.

The poll was conducted in the following districts, among voters from both major political parties and represented different age groups and ethnicities: District 30 – Salinas, District 31 – Fresno, District 32 – Bakersfield, District 43 – Silver Lake, and District 58 – Bell Gardens.

A summary of the findings can be found here.

The findings come as the California State Assembly considers legislation (SB 4) that would provide critical protections against the risks of fracking, and on the heels of several legislative efforts to create a statewide moratorium.

As noted by my colleague, Damon Nagami in a recent blog post, NRDC is calling on Governor Brown to direct DOGGR, the state oil and gas agency, to carry out its statutory duty to prevent oil and gas operations from harming human health, property, or natural resources and impose a moratorium on all new fracking and well stimulation projects until adequate regulatory safeguards are in place.

Californians are sending a clear signal that they are concerned about fracking and want the state to act.  Policy makers should listen. We are watching what happens when fracking moves into communities around the country. We don’t want to see  our scarce drinking water contaminated.  We don’t want inducedearthquakes or  more air pollution.  We want to maintain California’s beautiful landscapes for the enjoyment of future generations.  We need to know that our health, homes and environment are safe. And with this risky activity happening in the state as we speak, we need our state representatives to act immediately.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your state assembly members to vote YES for SB 4 to protect Californians against the most urgent fracking threats.