Northam Charts a Roadmap to Climate Leadership

Governor Northam is now poised for robust, meaningful climate progress—hand in hand with a great leap forward in transportation modernization—by joining this week's commitment by the Transportation & Climate Initiative to reduce climate pollution from our state's millions of tailpipes.  That source of global warming (as well as smog and increased asthma) is Virginia's number one cause of carbon pollution, accelerating the climate change already threatening Virginia's coast with sea level rise and the rest of the state with extreme weather.

Northam's decision is not only a good one, given the uniquely high stakes here in the Commonwealth. The timing is also appropriate, given the recent urgency of climate action outlines at both the national and international levels. 

Like the Governor's recent Energy Plan, the ultimate success of the Governor's action this week will depend on his willingness and ability to get ambitious plans across the finish line in the next few years. But given the high stakes—and the ability of the Governor's team to get big things done—this week's announcement is a welcome sign of climate leadership that can bear significant fruit in the coming months and years.