Virginia’s Climate and Clean Energy Leadership Solidifies

Virginia took a step closer to finally taking strong action on the climate change that threatens its coast and human health.

The Department of Environmental Quality closed its comment period last week, as it finalizes a sensible rule to cap the currently unlimited carbon pollution that pours from power plants. The rule is smart to address that significant pollution source. They’re even smarter to link to the already-successful RGGI program, which has helped drive economic growth by lowering power bills and increasing clean energy development.

There are still last gasps of pro-pollution lobby that would prefer Virginia stay firmly lodged in the past. The narrowly divided legislature barely passed a doomed to final bill aimed at preventing commonsense carbon pollution limits. Unsurprisingly, the pro-economic growth Gov Northam, with an eye toward growing the state economy, rightly vetoed that bill, which is likely the last we’ll see of retrograde march to a dirtier, less-prosperous past.

Instead, with the rule nearing completion, and Northam’s veto, Virginia can look forward to cleaner air, more jobs, lower bills, and safer coasts.