Please Comment on the Montana Wolf Stamp!

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Earlier this year, the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) Commission directed the Department to establish rules creating a Montana Wolf Stamp.  FWP has since proposed a final rule, and set a deadline of August 22 for the public to submit written comments.

Public response to the proposed rule has thus far been overwhelmingly supportive.  Tens of thousands of comments have already been submitted in favor of adopting the stamp (with two small revisions, as explained in NRDC’s formal comments).

At $20 per stamp, these comments represent the potential to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to support non-lethal aspects of wolf management in Montana, such as paying for non-lethal measures to protect livestock, hiring additional wildlife wardens, and purchasing additional wolf habitat.  This would directly benefit ranchers, hunters, wildlife supporters, FWP, and, of course, wolves, grizzlies and other wildlife.

As we near the end of the comment period, let’s continue to show our support for this innovative proposal.  As part of the public comment process, FWP is holding a public hearing at various locations around the state on Thursday, August 14, beginning at 6:00 PM.  If you live in Montana, please consider attending and commenting!  Whether you live in Montana or not, please also consider submitting a written comment in support of the stamp.  While we strongly encourage you to comment in your own words, you could also simply copy the comment below and send it in an email to:

Montana’s wolves thank you!

Dear Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks:

I write to comment on the proposed Wolf Conservation Stamp. Thank you for leading the nation and creating this unique opportunity to directly contribute to the conservation of wolves and other wildlife in Montana. This is a welcome example of the more inclusive approaches to wolf and wildlife conservation that I would like to see — and will support — from state wildlife management agencies across the country.

I greatly appreciate that the wolf stamp will be used to support nonlethal aspects of wolf management in Montana, such as paying for nonlethal tools to reduce conflicts between predators and livestock, purchasing and protecting wolf habitat, and hiring additional wildlife wardens in wolf habitat.  Please include an express statement in the rule that the stamp is for nonlethal management and conservation of wolves and other wildlife; that is, after all, the entire purpose, and point, of this innovative proposal.

I look forward to supporting the conservation of wolves, grizzlies and other wildlife in Montana through the purchase of a Wolf Conservation Stamp.  Please continue to consider new and different ways of incorporating the perspectives, concerns and voices of the non-hunting, non-trapping community in managing the publicly owned wildlife in your state.