This Week in Whales, 10/7/11

News in the world of whales this week (or close to this week):

  • The big news in whales this week is that Japan is up to its old tricks, signaling a return to whaling in the southern ocean.  Doubling down on its killing of hundreds of whales per year in the southern ocean for “scientific purposes” (Really?  Is the scientific research a study into how many whales does Japan have to kill before it becomes an absolute international pariah?), Japan announced that it has increased the budget for the whaling in part to pay for increased security after last year’s clashes with Sea Shepherd.  Meanwhile, Sea Shepherd basically said, “bring it on,” with a post on facebook saying, “They will have to kill us to prevent us from intervening once again.”  Things could get ugly.

Meanwhile, this week in Wales…

As the UK continues its race to the bottom by espousing “growth through austerity,” BBC Wales announced it will make cuts to TV and radio programs, losing 100 jobs over the next three years.  It’s all part of larger cuts the BBC faces, with thousands of BBC jobs on the chopping block across the country.  With UK GDP only growing by 0.1 percent in the second quarter, you have to wonder when Prime Minister David Cameron’s going to admit that his economic policies have failed.

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