This Week in Whales: Monday Victory for Anti-Whaling in the Antarctic; Tuesday Sanctions Against Iceland for Whaling; Wednesday US Navy Implicated in Mass Stranding of Whales in Greece; Thursday Noise Guidelines for Shipping Industry; What a Week!

Dead Cuvier's beaked whale, Crete, Greece


         To demand that the Navy protect whales, please go here.

  • Finally on Thursday, back to some good news. After five long years, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) released voluntary guidelines intended to reduce underwater noise from commercial ships globally. Ocean noise has been a growing problem for the world’s whales, dolphins and marine mammals as increased shipping traffic and other factors have impeded the animals’ ability to communicate, avoid predators, find mates and maintain their awareness in the darkness of the sea. NRDC worked with many partners to put noise-quieting on the IMO’s work agenda, and then helped shepherd the guidelines through approval. As my colleague Michael Jasny wrote, these guidelines to reduce underwater noise on shipping vessels are a milestone in the fight against ocean noise pollution.

An amazing week in whales.