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Filtration Decision Near for NYC's Drinking Water Supply

Behind closed doors, New York City, State and federal officials are hammering out the details of a revised plan to safeguard New York City’s irreplaceable Catskill and Delaware water supplies, which provide drinking water to over nine million New Yorkers.

The stakes are high. 

Battle Over Polystyrene Waste Is Foaming in the NYC Council

The New York City Council is again confronting the controversial issue of how to get rid of polystyrene foam food and beverage containers―one of the most environmentally troublesome constituents in the municipal waste stream.   

State Wrecks NYC’s Plastic Bag Fee Law & Bashes Home Rule

New York City’s 2016 break-through law that established a five cent fee on single use plastic (and paper) grocery bags so as to encourage shoppers to switch to reusables has been toppled in Albany.

Waste Woes: Will Bronx Officials Vote For Env'tal Justice?

Dozens of local activists, environmental justice advocates and labor union members rallied outside the office of New York City Councilmember Rafael Salamanca the other day to demand clean air and reduced truck traffic for South Bronx residents.

Big Changes Ahead for Commercial Waste Collection in NYC

The administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio today released a study of the commercial carting industry in New York that highlights major deficiencies with existing operations and is likely to lead to broad scale reform of the waste industry in the nation’s largest city.

New York City Poised to Adopt Plastic Bag Fee to Curb Street Litter and Waterway Pollution

The New York City Council is expected to vote this afternoon on legislation that would place a five cent fee on single use plastic and paper bags—a forward-looking initiative designed to slash the seemingly endless stream of plastic litter in the nation’s largest city.