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New York City Needs Congestion Pricing Now More Than Ever

The strategy would save money, curb pollution, and fix our crumbling transit system in a way that’s fair and equitable for all New Yorkers.

An Open Letter to NYC Mayor de Blasio on Congestion Pricing

How to secure funds to rescue and rehabilitate New York City's beleaguered subway, bus and commuter rail system is among the most important policy issues facing the nation's largest city in 2018.

New Filtration Waiver Poses Challenges for NYC Water Supply

The New York State Health Department has issued a new waiver that will allow New York City to continue to avoid having to filter its Catskill and Delaware drinking water supplies—staving off, at least for now, the multi-billion dollar costs of filtering the primary water supply for more than 9.5

Filtration Decision Near for NYC's Drinking Water Supply

Behind closed doors, New York City, State and federal officials are hammering out the details of a revised plan to safeguard New York City’s irreplaceable Catskill and Delaware water supplies, which provide drinking water to over nine million New Yorkers.

The stakes are high. 

Battle Over Polystyrene Waste Is Foaming in the NYC Council

The New York City Council is again confronting the controversial issue of how to get rid of polystyrene foam food and beverage containers―one of the most environmentally troublesome constituents in the municipal waste stream.