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Summers of Our Discontent

A new study confirms the growing scientific consensus: Extreme heat isn’t just an inconvenience—it can be deadly.

Not Your Mother’s Summer: NRDC Maps Hot Summer Days

It’s been said by some climate skeptics, “There’s always been hot summer days, so why are people bellyaching about climate change?” A new NRDC mapping analysis being released today shows that the summer heat of today simply

Wake-Up Call for Climate Action from Houston to Mumbai

Co-Authored by Henry Ruehl, NRDC Energy Fellow

Climate Advisory Committee Trumped—but the Burden's on You

Over the weekend, the Trump administration allowed the charter to lapse for a 15-member federal climate advisory committee (or FAC, on which I was a member) that gathers real information from real people about the impacts of climate change today.

Climate Change Still Threatens Air Quality—and Your Health

The Air Quality map NRDC is releasing today highlights why it’s a bad idea for the United States to pull back from climate action.

Something New in the AIR in Ahmedabad

Today the city of Ahmedabad, in Gujarat state in India, is taking another giant step toward improving health among its residents.