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Americans Oppose EPA & Environmental Budget Cuts

Americans concerned about their health shouldn’t breathe easy just because Congress left town after the dramatically failed effort to take away health care from tens of millions of people.

Strong Safeguards Protect Our Loved Ones

Last month’s inferno at Grenfell Towers in London was a horrific tragedy. It cost more some 80 people their lives, leaving families grief-stricken and neighbors in shock. Sadly, the victims had no idea of the danger they were in until it was too late.

Attacks on EPA, Environment Prompt Outcry at Town Halls

President Donald Trump plans to beef up military spending by draining the budgets of the U.S.

Polluting Pruitt, After Record Opposition, Takes Over EPA

Today, former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, a "longtime adversary of the EPA," as the Washington

Broad Opposition to Trump's EPA Pick, "Polluting Pruitt"

Opposition to Donald Trump’s pick for US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pouring into Congress from a wide range of organizations representing a millions of Americans with diverse interests. Why is Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt attracting so much concern?

Upcoming Battles in the War on our Health and Environment

As President-elect Trump prepares to take office on January 20th, and the Republican-led Congress gins up its legislative agenda, Americans face critical attacks on our health and environment—perhaps the most damaging in history.