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A Whole Lot Missing in Pebble Mine’s Permit Application

Including the Permit Application

First Quantum Minerals Invests in Controversial Pebble Mine

Proposed Mine Threatens World’s Biggest Salmon Fishery and is Opposed by Overwhelming Majority of Alaskans

Pebble Mine: Check Out This Ad in the Washington Post

An EPA Administrator under every Republican Presidential Administration since the EPA was created, except the Ford Administration, whose Administrator is deceased, have joined forces to make a statement in opposition to the Pebble Mine proposed in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Law Protecting Marine Mammals Turns 45, Congress To Kill It

How do you celebrate the 45th anniversary of the nation’s flagship law that has served as a bedrock for marine mammal protection and conservation?

WHALE TAILS at the California DMV

Californians are lucky enough to see whales off their coasts and on their highways. Wait…what? That’s right, whale tails on our roads help protect our coasts thanks to the WHALE TAIL® License Plate.

Dear Pebble Mine: No Still Means No

Backers of the Pebble Mine—a giant gold and copper mine proposed at the headwaters of Bristol Bay’s legendary salmon runs—continue to ignore the will of the people of Bristol Bay, whose overwhelming opposition to the mine has not wavered in over a decade.