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Law Protecting Marine Mammals Turns 45, Congress To Kill It

How do you celebrate the 45th anniversary of the nation’s flagship law that has served as a bedrock for marine mammal protection and conservation?

WHALE TAILS at the California DMV

Californians are lucky enough to see whales off their coasts and on their highways. Wait…what? That’s right, whale tails on our roads help protect our coasts thanks to the WHALE TAIL® License Plate.

Dear Pebble Mine: No Still Means No

Backers of the Pebble Mine—a giant gold and copper mine proposed at the headwaters of Bristol Bay’s legendary salmon runs—continue to ignore the will of the people of Bristol Bay, whose overwhelming opposition to the mine has not wavered in over a decade.

EPA to Withdraw Water Protections, Open Door for Pebble Mine

EPA just announced plans to withdraw its 2014 Proposed Determination that, if finalized, would have placed common-sense restrictions on the proposed Pebble Mine in Bri

A Message from Bristol Bay to Pebble Mine Investors: NEVER

“We will never support Pebble Mine in our Bay,” reads the full-page ad in today’s Vancouver Sun paid for by the tribes and village corporations of Bristol Bay, Alaska.

California Kids "Come Together" for the Ocean

In a time of divisiveness, “Come Together” is the theme of the 24th Annual Kids Ocean Day—where thousands of kids, teachers and volunteers cleaned up the beaches of Los Angeles and San Francisco.