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Trump’s Budget Is a Blueprint for Destruction

The $4.4 trillion proposal slashes environmental and health protections, ignores climate change, and sacrifices our public lands and waters to fossil fuel companies—all while making the national debt soar.

Conservation Groups Sue Over Threat to Clean Water Rule

NRDC and the National Wildlife Federation filed a lawsuit today to protect American waters.

What Does the CWC's Review of Water Storage Projects Mean?

Tomorrow the California Water Commission will publicly release its initial reviews of the 11 remaining applications submitted by water storage projects seeking funding from the 2014 water bond (Proposition 1).  As the San Jose Mercury News

Will Michigan Lead on Getting Lead Out of Drinking Water?

The Flint Water Crisis is a constant and tragic reminder of what can go wrong when you combine weak drinking water safeguards, an underfunded and politically restrained oversight agency, and a severely weakened democracy.

EPA Suspends Withdrawal of Oversight of Pebble Mine

Pruitt reverses course on proposed withdrawal but decision carries no actual protection from dangerous mine

The Real Lowdown: The Trump and Congressional Republican Assault on Our Environment, Vol. 37

Trump taxes the sun while his EPA wants to let industries increase harmful air pollution.