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OH & PA Will Transition From Nuclear Energy – But How?

This blog was co-authored with Matthew McKinzie, director of NRDC’s nuclear program.

Earth Day: How Green Are Latin American Countries?

This blog was written by Andrés Anchondo. He works with NRDC’s Latin America Project researching on conservation finance to conserve Latin America’s natural resources.

RGGI Shows Tackling Climate Change Pays Major Dividends

A report released today by the Analysis Group concludes the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative has helped grow Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states' economies and created jobs at the same time as it produces climate benefits.

L.A. Is Flipping the Script on Commuting

If done right, shared modes of transportation can help underserved Angelenos and the environment.

Doctors Prescribe Climate Action for Better Health

America’s health professionals have an important message: Climate change is harming our health, but there’s something we can do about it.