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Tar Sands and Solving Global Warming – Compatible with Strong Commitments?

Well the anticipated trip of President Obama to Canada is just about to begin.  The Canadian press has been reporting for a while that Prime Minister Harper will raise tar sands when President Obama makes his first international trip.  And, he'll raise this mixed in with discussions of globa

President Obama: Don’t Give Canadian Tar Sands a Free Climate Pass

Tomorrow President Obama is traveling to Canada. Most American presidents head to Ottawa on their first state visits, using the trip to our northern neighbor as an easy transition to the world stage.

Reengaging China on Climate Change - Some Recommendations

If you've picked up a paper, listened to a radio program, watched a TV program, or read a policy paper on global warming recently you would surely have heard that China and the US are the two biggest sources of global warming pollution -- accounting for over 40% of global CO2 emissions from

Boreal Burial

As is customary, President Obama will make his first state visit to Canada this week. Prime Minister Harper will no doubt be waiting eagerly. There is a lot to talk about.

Obama message to Canada: clean energy is best

Just two days before visiting Canada, in an interview on Canadian TV tonight, President Obama said that tar sands "creates a big carbon footprint." Alberta's controversial tar sands oil industry is known for its damage to the Boreal forest and its si

Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light in the Navy’s Northwest Training Range Complex

In a rare nod to administrative process, the Navy has extended the public comment period for its Northwest Training Range Complex.  Comments were originally due on February 11, 2009 but, marred by website difficulties and failures to provide adequate notice of public hearings, the Navy exten