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Making history in the Senate

As the media picks up on the remarkable events in the Senate earlier tonight, it's worth putting this vote in context.

Watching them build next gen biofuels in real time

Just a very cool link to share: Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company, LLC - Gasification update webcam. CVEC is an ethanol producer in Minnesota that is adding a biomass gasification pilot unit.

Biofuels equals water pollution? Depends on how you look at it

An interesting article in Environmental Science and Technology today connecting fertilizer use, water pollution, and agricultural subsidies.

A Vote for the Future

Heads are still spinning here.

On track to energy security

The Senate is debating the energy bill again, and fuel economy is likely to come up.

Smog, EPA and NAM

NAM, industry's illegal war, and the smell of ozone in the morning: Industry is waging a carpet-bombing lobbying campaign, led by the National Association of Manufacturers or NAM, urging EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson to defy the law and adopt a health standard for ground