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Chile: País Telúrico y Ambientalmente Frágil

Escrito por Juan Pablo Orrego

NRDC investigation spurs DOE Subpoenas

According to a press release sent this morning, the Department of Energy (DOE) issued subpoenas to three companies to investigate the manufacture or sale of torchiere (upward facing) lamps that may violate federal efficiency standa

PACE program helps New Yorkers with energy efficiency, renewable energy projects

New York communities may soon receive federal stimulus funds to help property owners make energy efficient renovations and investments in renewable energy that can significantly lower their energy bills. And – hopefully – it’s only the beginning.

BREAKING NEWS: Investigation Exposes Coal Industry Influence over Tennessee Politicians

Today the Tennessee Legislature punted on an expected vote on legislation that would ban mountaintop mining in the state.  The vote on the Scenic Vistas Protection Ac