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Ensuring Offset Quality

(What follows is an abridged version of the comments I delivered on a side event panel on  Ensuring Offset Quality sponsored by the Climate Action Reserve at COP15.)

Clean Tech in Copenhagen: A Key Solution to Climate Change

Clean tech is very much on the radar screen here in Copenhagen as a key solution to climate change.  The U.S.-based Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) have just released a report entitl

Help protect the wildest vulnerable lands in the West

Historically, the federal government protected pristine wilderness quality lands by designating them as "wilderness study areas." The Bush adminstration, however, agreed to a policy that prohibits the Bureau of Land Management from  designating such lands as wilderness study areas.

Twilight Turns Appalachian Community into 'Ghost Town'

Twilight has descended upon Lindytown, West Virginia.  In this heartbreaking true tale, one family has decided to stay in its beloved home, even though all of the neighbors have moved on in the face of Massey Energy's burgeoning mountaintop r

Waiting for Copenhagen with John Adams for Four Decades and Eight Hours

Maybe its geography's gift to Copenhagen, sitting astride two great seas -- the Baltic and the North -- but this is a great city for fresh air.

Quantity over Quality: HidroAysén proves yet again why its mega-dam proposal should not be approved

HidroAysén, the company behind the plan to build five mega-dams on two of Patagonia’s most pristine, wild rivers, has proven again why its proposal should not be approved.  Several times over the past year and a half the company has had the opportunity to produce a good, quality report about