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A better oil and gas industry for Colorado

Thanks to the dogged persistence of Governor Ritter and his expert staff, Colorado has new oil and gas rules that will help make the industry a better neighbor and position it for a cleaner and stronger energy future.

Galbraith Calls Clean Energy the Next Engine for Economic Growth

Every meeting I have with the Obama administration or members of Congress these days focuses on the economic crisis. But that doesn't mean we aren't also talking about environmental solutions as well. The two are closely linked.

Todd Stern’s First Official Foray into the Climate Negotiations

Countdown to CopenhagenWhile Todd Stern, the US Special Climate Envoy, has been actively discussing international global warming issues since his appointment, as I discussed

Beginning the March to Copenhagen: Climate Negotiations Getting Serious

Countdown to CopenhagenIf you've read my previous posts, you'll know that the international global warming negotiations have already commenced (see

Power Shift 2009: acción climática encabezada por los jóvenes

Antes pensaba que podíamos frenar el calentamiento global lo mas rápido posible así mis nietos no tendrían que enfrentarse a sequías intensas o incendios forestales fuera de control.  Pero estos impactos ya están aquí y si no actuamos inmediatamente, la generación de mi hija pagara el precio.

Can’t Stand the Light of Day: Ohio liquid coal drops application for federal loans

I saw a fascinating press release from Baard Energy today. They are a company attempting to build the first large-scale liquid coal refinery in the U.S.