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Are Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue's Ties to Union Pacific Railroading the Companies that Support Climate Policy?

Why is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on such a different page from its major members when it comes to climate change legislation?

The Danish Wind Study Spin that Blows

From time to time a study comes out that is so bizarre, you just have to wonder "Did they really spend time working this out?" We come across plenty of studies that don't really make sense. Less often, we come across studies that rebut their own attacks.

Think-tank behind "Danish" Wind Study Tied to Polluter Funding

We got word this afternoon that the Institute for Energy Research (IER), a polluter front-group, has released a study from CEPOS

Prosecuting Polluters Poorly

It was great to see Charles Duhigg's article about under-enforcement of water pollution laws yesterday.

Funding Needed for Year 2 of New York’s Whale Monitoring Program

As our wonderfully long summer draws to a close, Cornell scientists should be out in New York's ocean setting up the acoustic buoys that monitor for endangered whales. October signals the start of the whales' southern migration from the rich feeding waters of the Northeast.