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The Rest of the Story of Cap and Trade

Recently, we’re hearing another round of questions about the cap and trade approach to curbing global warming pollution.

Cap and Trade: Getting the Carbon Pollution Cuts We Need Starting Now

As we draw closer to passing a clean energy and climate law that will create millions of jobs and curb global warming, people are debating how to achieve those goals most effectively.

Cumbre Climática en Copenhague (1era Parte): Las Expectativas

Se acerca la Cumbre de Cambio Climático de las Naciones Unidas en Copenhague, quería darles un breve resumen de donde estamos hoy después de 2 años de negociaciones internacionales, y hacia donde nos encaminamos.

Sen. Byrd's Wise Words a Eulogy for Mountaintop Removal?

I realize that I'm probably a day late and a dollar short weighing in on the earth-shattering statement by West Virginia's U.S.

Deadline Extended! Apply by December 11 for the Growing Green Awards!

After learning that the Huffington Post was writing a story about the Growing Green Awards, we decided to extend the deadline so any of y