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A Man for All Seasons

So last night I caught the classic film, “A Man for All Seasons,” about Sir Thomas More’s principled refusal to take orders from King Henry VIII.  There was a character in there who reminded me of EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson – and it wasn’t Sir Thomas More. 

Two new shark species discovered

Researchers in Australia recently announced the discovery of two new species of wobbegong (or carpet) sharks, which they have named the "floral banded wobbegong" and "dwarf spotted wobbegong."  As the name suggests, the dwarf s

All That Jazz About Sustainable (Green) Chemistry

I just came back from a meeting in Boston (Hahvahd St.) where activists like me got together with chemists and other smart techy-types to talk about our vision of a chemical future.

Jobs for All in the Green Energy Economy

I’ve been staying in California for the last few weeks and one of the people I had hoped to meet out here was Van Jones.

Plug In for Clean Air

As someone who has been enthusiastically watching and promoting plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, I was concerned that the headline of an article in USA Today (“Plug-in cars could actuall

Pulling Out ALL the Stops

A New York City blog saw me quoted in the Wall Street Journal on February 5th talking about the need to face po