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Big Oil’s Big Friends in Congress

House Republicans gathered en masse on the steps of the Capitol this week, ready to launch a choreographed full-throated cheer for more drilling before the Washington press corps. But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum.

Nearly One Million Strong

Still less than one year old, Catalog Choice is poised to register its one millionth user any minute now (at the time of this posting, membership stands at 999,450).  That’s an amazing accomplishment for a completely not-for-profit service that has

"All of the Above" Is Really the Worst of the Old Energy Ideas

Throughout the fall, you will hear Republican leaders use the phrase “All of the Above” to describe their energy policy.

The Next Superheroes (Part II) - Millions of Them

How can we address the energy crisis, the economic crisis and the climate crisis in one swoop?

It's Not Just the Environment, Stupid

Facing generational, interlaced challenges -- oil addiction and global warming -- it's pathetic that the debate among policymakers isn't about solving these issues, but about fringe issues like domestic drilling.

Coal: Don’t Believe What They Tell You on TV

Let’s get one thing straight: Coal is not cheap.  And since coal power plants generate half of America’s electricity, that’s not good news. Especially when you consider coal prices only look to vault upwards in the future. Thanks to the fast-rising price of U.S.