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Obama Administration Should Strengthen Fuel Economy Standards

Today, the Bush Administration announced that it will not issue final fuel economy standards for automobiles, leaving approval to President-elect Obama's administration.

My Resolution to Help “Green the Planet” this Year: Get an International Climate Agreement

Countdown to CopenhagenI don't usually do "New Year's Resolutions".  But this is such an important year for the planet that I'll break from my usual pattern and make a New Year's Resolution -

2009 New Year's Resolutions to help big coal

As the New Year of 2009 dawns, the PR flacks charged with greenwashing coal's image must be praying for a fresh start.

Bush's New Marine Monuments: The Good, the Bad and Next Steps

Today President Bush is announcing his creation of 3 new national marine monuments in the Pacific Ocean totaling 195,000 square miles - the Marianas, Pacific Remote Islands

Bush Administration Considers the Possibility of Future Climate Regulation—As an Excuse for Not Protecting Wildlife

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) recently made an interesting, and little noted, move that speaks volumes about this Administration's attitude towards climate change legislation.  Last year the

Tennessee Coal Disaster: A Nightmare Before Christmas

Imagine an Olympic size swimming pool brimming with highly toxic waste.  Now imagine over 1,600 such sludge-filled pools -- or about a billion gallons.  That's how much liquified coal waste -- "fly ash" -- broke through an earthen dike at a Tennessee Valley Authority power plant near Kingsto