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Driving Quietly: Testing the Cars of the Future

Last Friday, I was invited to the Consumer Reports test track to drive some of the cars of the future. It wasn't a typical test scene - no revving engines or the odor of petroleum. With the exception of the patter of rain drops, it was quiet.

Polar Bear News: the Emergence of Noise Pollution as a Threat and a Climate Change Denier Smackdown

Two interesting polar bear items caught my attention this week. 

End of an Era: Offshore Drilling Ban to Expire

At midnight on Tuesday, September 30th, the federal moratorium on drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) will be no more.  The OCS drilling ban, renewed every year by Congress since its enactment in 1981, will be allowed to lapse.  The action becomes final with the pa

Race is on to Halt Brazilian Forest Loss by 2015

The Brazilian government will release a goal to cut net deforestation to zero by 2015, as a part of a draft climate change action plan, as reported by the BBC.  The plan aims to have more trees planted in Brazil than are lost by 2

Air pollution from oil and gas production

This week NRDC issued a new fact sheet on the air pollution resulting from oil and gas production in the Rocky Mountain region.