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From reports to issue briefs, we ensure accountability through peer review led by our Science Office, which provides data and scientific analysis that help shape and guide NRDC’s policies and positions. We also offer a range of other resources, such as 101 guides and consumer-focused scorecards to increase access to knowledge about how everyone can be a catalyst for change. 

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Swimming in Sewage: Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Sewage overflows cost Americans billions a year in medical treatment, lost productivity and repairs, and Bush administration policies are compounding the problem. This February 2004 report from NRDC and the Environmental Integrity Project describes the emerging environmental and public health...

New England's Ocean Treasures - Fact Sheet (PDF)

Fact Sheet
Two of the nation’s most spectacular ocean areas lie off New England shores: Cashes Ledge and the New England Coral Canyons and Seamounts. The two areas serve as vital refuges for a stunning diversity of ocean wildlife and habitats, including...

Compliance with MWELO Reporting Requirement by Jurisdiction (PDF)

As of December 17, 2019, the listed jurisdictions in California have failed to comply with the MWELO reporting requirement. According to our tabulation, 340 cities and counties still have not filed one or more reports. 1098 reports are still due...

The 90 Billion Ton Opportunity: Lifecycle Refrigerant Management - Report (PDF)

The 90 Billion Ton Opportunity: Lifecycle Refrigerant Management lays out tangible interventions for federal and state policymakers, major corporations, and equipment owners and operators to minimize refrigerant leaks and maximize end-of-life recovery and reclamation. Embracing Lifecycle Refrigerant Management globally can...

H.R. 2898: Summary of Key Environmental Threats - Fact Sheet (PDF)

Fact Sheet
On June 25, 2015, California's Representative Valadao introduced H.R. 2898. This controversial bill would undermine critical protections for our environment and other water users rather than provide actual “drought relief.” Further, this legislation would be a permanent change in law—it...

Sustainable Ford Site Redevelopment - Report (PDF)

This report presents recommendations for implementing a comprehensive and sustainable redevelopment of the Ford site in Saint Paul, Minnesota, which closed in 2011. These guidelines were generated through the synthesis of the current thinking and previous planning documents for the...